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Card Mate Pro- credit cards app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 9840 ratings )
Utilities Lifestyle
Developer: Qiwen Zhang
2.99 USD
Current version: 3.4.3, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 30 Mar 2013
App size: 40.68 Mb

Too many cards filled in your wallet? Dont know which card should put in your wallet? Or were you in a need of your credit card details while on the go without your wallet? Do you think its not safe to carry all your cards in your real wallet?

This is where Card Mate as a secure card manager comes handy.

* Card Mate can auto scan and save your card images, and you can store plenty of addition information with these card images. Scan card process is very simple and quick. Card Mate can store your Credit Cards, Bank Cards, ID Cards, and any other type of cards.

* All your cards images and information were encrypted using Industrial-strength encryption algorithm, and saved in the local storage of your iOS devices. There is NO server, and Nothing will be upload or send to the server, or any other place.

* You can set an access password to protect all your information, nobody can see or access your cards without this password. Support both Dot-lock and password PIN pad, use more secure pattern lock or 4 digits password as your like.

* Support card category, classify and manage your cards more effectively in category, including add category, edit category, delete category, drag to reorder category.

* Beautiful look and convenient operation, swipe to show/hide menu, tap to show/hide card information and copy to pasteboard, double tap to preview card images. All information in one place, access your card information anytime and any place.

* More advanced and user-friendly operation, drag cards to sort in any order, drag categories to sort in any order, drag to delete cards, drag to add cards to category, and two fingers swipe up to close card images preview.

Pros and cons of Card Mate Pro- credit cards app for iPhone and iPad

Card Mate Pro- credit cards app good for

If you ever lose your wallet... Youll be glad you stored all the info in the app to quickly act and cancel cards and alert credit bureaus...
This is such a convenient way to have all my cards without the bulk! Terrific for travelling so if anything happens to your cards you have all the info at your fingertips!
Now I have most of my card on it, still experimenting with it at the stores for loyalty cards. The system should allow the users to have a choice of pin stronger than 4 digits.
10 из 10 было бы, но перестал работать экспорт в Wallet (Passbook). Для обладателей кучи разнообразных кредитных/дисконтных/клубных карт прям таки необходимая программа. 10 out of 10 would have been, but stopped working in export Wallet (Passbook). For holders of a heap of different credit / discount / club cards straight after the required program.
Great app that have all you need to store your fidelity card / credit card / and all "card format" information!
Very nicely done. I like being able to flip the card from front to back by swiping. The interface could use some tweaking but otherwise nice job.

Some bad moments

Why is this 2D barcode so dominant in CardMate?? :( I like to see a photo of the card and not a non-telling ugly dot matrix code. Except the green color MyCards Pro is a bit more fun and more stylish with nicely embedded photos.
The take a picture option seems to work for the back of the card, but not the front! Cant add a new card because it wont scan it. Ugh.
Scanner does not work. Instructions say there is a manual photo option but it does not exist. Instructions are not there and include a cartoon character urinating?? Really. Cannot zoom pictures of cards to see numbers. Finally dumped and got something that worked.
Is it a joke? Is it secure? Tips show a boy pissing; FAQs and instructions do not work. This appears to be a scam. Where is Apple in all this!!! Something Very wrong here. Someone should investigate this
How can it be that your free version is better than your paid version of this app? Your app doesnt allow me to take my own picture of the front of a credit card! All other cards allow the option to take a manual pic! Seriously?!?! Such a basic thing and you cant get that right! I want my money back! So frustrating! While youre at it, how about adding the fingerprint password instead of an antiquated number password!
Will not "autoscan" or provide the option to manually take picture. Thus, you cannot add new cards.

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